Afternoon program



Little Scientist class – Super Hero

Little Scientists program is built on the children’s’ natural curiosity and their need to make sense of the world around them. It is engaged playfully with scientific knowledge, skills, and values. Learning and exploring through interactive projects and simple age-appropriate experiments in the scientific field.



Gymnastics combines athleticism with beauty and grace. There are multiple benefits of gymnastics classes for young children which include: stimulating cognitive growth, developing strong and healthy bones, and increasing coordination.



Taekwondo is a peaceful martial art practice that enables children to learn self-defence and stay active. Based on numerous studies, learning martial arts has positive impacts on personality development and can reduce hostile and aggressive behaviors. The benefits of Taekwondo training will help children boost their self-esteem, give them better self-discipline, and show them how to work with others.


Robotics and Coding class

Meet our robot Thymio who will take you on an adventure to discover the universe of robotics. Thymio will introduce students to the world of robotics and automation in an interactive way, using a combination of concept learning and hands-on approach.


Language and Early Literacy Developmental Class

The class is designed for children who need assistance and that little extra push to build their speech and language skills with a focus on the individual needs. Building strong vocabulary and improving language and communication give children the opportunities to develop their confidence and skills in expressing themselves.


Readiness class

This program follows the transition between early childhood and school which is an extremely important period in children’s development. This program will help children develop appropriate school-readiness skills to facilitate the transition to formal schooling. Some of the skills apart from reading, writing and counting include the ability to express, understand & execute.


Arts and creativity class – Happiness and Education through Art

Creativity is fundamental to successful learning!

Our unique program encourages children to explore their creativity through various art and craft activities including drawing, painting, coloring, creating, clay- modeling and provides the little artists with the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas through Art.


Little Muslims class (Islamic Education Program)

The class is designed to introduce the little children to the basics of Islam in a simple, fun and interactive way. We will teach Islamic concepts through crafts, stories, rhymes and discussions.